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Open Access Textbooks: A FIPSE grant project
...creating a model for open textbook implementation

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Creating OER and Combining Licenses

Licensing your own work using Creative Commons is easy using the Creative Commons License Chooser, but what about when you want to combine multiple open resources with your own work and then license your work for others to freely use? The OER License Generator can provide guidance for combining openly licensed resources and the following video will help you understand the process for choosing and applying the appropriate license.

Join Our Surveys of Students and Faculty

We conduct two online surveys annually - one for students and the other for faculty and administrators - regarding textbooks, open educational resources, and open courseware. We invite postsecondary institutions throughout the world to join us in conducting these surveys at their institutions. Please see our Survey Invitation for details.

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Who Are We?

The Open Access Textbooks Project

The Open Access Textbooks Project is a two-year initiative to create a sustainable model for the discovery, production, and dissemination of open textbooks. Funded by a grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), this project builds on lessons learned in open textbook efforts across the United States and seeks to create a collaborative community to further sustainable implementation of open textbooks.

Open Access Textbooks and The Orange Grove among Top 50 Open Access Educational Projects!

Learn more about copyright and using Creative Commons to license your work.

Open Textbooks

Adoption and Authoring

Please assist us by sharing information on your use of open textbooks or interest in authoring an open textbook.

Key Initiatives

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Orange Grove Upgrade

The Orange Grove Repository has a new look, and the change is more than skin deep. The new Orange Grove has a customizable Dashboard, new search capabilities, resource harvesting, and mobile access. The Orange Grove now puts over 70,000 high quality education resources from around the world at your fingertips. In addition to ERIC, MeSH, GEM, and Florida Statewide Course Numbers, the contributors to the repository now have the ability to tag resources using the National Common Core Standards. Check out the new Orange Grove.

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Open Licensing Policy

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Open Textbooks: The College Student Speaks Out - View the archive with Nicole Allen, the national Textbook Advocate for the Student Public Interest Research Groups (Student PIRGs), and college students from around the nation as they discuss their initiatives to make textbooks affordable through the use of high-quality open textbooks and other cost-saving solutions.

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