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OER License Generator: A Copyright tool for openly licensed resources

Not all licenses are compatible with each other. This OER License Generator is designed to help you explore the different combinations of licenses when combining two different resources and the Creative Commons license information to display in your new work.

Based on your choices, you will get information on whether the licenses you selected can be combined and the possible license(s) that you may assign to your work. If more than one license is provided, you can select the license that best fits your needs to clearly indicate how other people may use your creative work. You will also be able to use the generator to add information in the license description on how you wish to be attributed.

Once you select a license for your combined open resources, the next step is to display the license on your material. Doing this ensures that people who wish to use your material know how they can do this by easily following the terms specified in your selected license.



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