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Video testimonials on open textbooks and resources.

Physics Open Textbook Testimonial (~8 min., 28MB, YouTube® format)
Created and narrated by Physics Professor Erik Christensen of South Florida Community College. Professor Christensen shares the benefits to he and his students received when he adopted an open physics textbook.  Erik believes that by customizing the textbook with his own teaching materials, he’s made physics "more fun and interesting" for his students, with some students choosing to major in physics.  Textbook cost for his students dropped from $178.00 to $13.00.

Open Textbook Adoption (video, ~9 min., 27MB, wmv format) Created by Paul Marks.
Dr. Lisa McDonnell, Associate Professor at St. Petersburg College’s Seminole Campus, teaches Sociology and Law both online and face-to-face. Faced with increasing costs for a new edition of the book she used in her Sociology class, she went searching for alternatives. Discovering the open textbooks movement and then finding a Sociology open textbook not only helped her students, but fulfilled her personal quest to reduce the costs of higher education in a tough economy.  Dr. McDonnell shows details of this textbook and exactly how she makes it available to her students.

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