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Social networking sites for open textbooks.

The Community College Open Textbook Collaborative supports a Ning group on Open Textbook Research. If you wish to sign up for free membership, please go to their Ning site.

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Reports related to open textbooks.

2016 Florida 2016 Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey Report. (October, 2016). During March and April 2016, more than 22,000 students participated in a Student Textbook and Course Materials Survey conducted by the Florida Virtual Campus’s (FLVC) Office of Distance Learning and Student Services. The survey examined textbook affordability and acquisition at Florida’s public higher education institutions. Previous surveys were conducted in 2010 and 2012. In this survey, students were asked to use their recent personal experiences to provide insight on how the cost of textbooks and course materials impact their education, purchasing behaviors, academic completion and success, the study aids they find most beneficial to their learning, and their use of financial aid to address these costs.

Florida’s Orange Grove Repository: A Sustainability Case Study (March 2010). This document briefly describes the development of open textbooks as a priority for Florida education and as a sustainability strategy for The Orange Grove repository:

Open Access Textbook Task Force Report (March, 2010). This report was compiled in response to a legislative requirement to create a plan to promote open access textbooks in Florida as a method for reducing textbook costs. Produced by a 23-member Task Force with membership drawn from Florida’s higher education arena, the report includes eleven proposed recommendations to promote and sustain open access textbook use in Florida.

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Articles related to open textbooks.

The Open Revolution: An Environmental Scan of the Open Textbook Landscape. Jordan Frith, NC State University. (August 10, 2009). This article examines several open textbook platforms in depth (Wikibooks, Connexions, Flat World Knowledge, The Global Text Project, and Textbook Media). The author concludes that this movement is dynamic and still evolving.

Students Retain Information in Print-Like Formats Better (March, 2010) by Jill Laster. This article reports on a study at Arizona State University that found students had lower reading comprehension of scrolling online material than they did of print-like versions. The article links to the full 2009 report, To Scroll or Not to Scroll: Scrolling, Working Memory Capacity, and Comprehending Complex Texts, written by Christopher A. Sanchez and Jennifer Wiley.   

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